Doing Business with Us

Since its beginnings in 2001, Redsis has connected technology solution providers with vendors and customers, identifying markets and technologies that shape the IT industry. Today, Redsis remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to market and finding new ways to bring value to its customers.


To be recognized as one of the best electronics distributors on a national and international level. 


We are an IT company specialized in supplying computer parts, peripherals and equipment to the technology, banking, retail end educational sector. We emphasize our service in servicing emergency orders to clients around the world. We rely heavily on our meticulous quality processes and our highly dedicated personnel, which guarantee success and growth for our organization.


 Redsis Corp. is committed to business integrity; we are against of all types of corruption, extortion, bribes and embezzlement.  Having in mind this statement we have implemented company’s procedures and practices which protect intellectual property rights and safeguard our customer’s information. We are against children labor and we do respect the legal wages and working hour range, taking into a count benefits and humane treatment according to country regulations.  All workers are free of harassment and discrimination.